How to do cold noodles in Korea


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\”I want to make a cold noodle of Korean cuisine because Some reasons have been dragged to this week. Today I finally made Korean cuisine. When it comes to Korean cuisine, the most famous is that the fresh kimchi is preferred by the fresh people. Kimchi is an indispensable dish for each meal of Koreans. It is a habit and a symbol of the nation. Today’s cold noodles are also essential. But today I do n’t talk about kimchi, just talk about cold noodles. This is the same as kimchi. ] Before talking about cold noodles, let’s talk about cooking before. The cooking refers to the dishes, but these two Chinese characters are not purely representative of food in China. No Chinese will say French food, Italian cuisine, or Chinese cuisine. The Chinese are defined as Western or Chinese food with rich Chinese characters. Only small Japanese and Korean talents call dishes.

The first word of cooking is used as dishes. The Japanese refer to the dishes or meals with unique dishes. As the Korean people have gradually used this term, it can be seen that Chinese Chinese characters have deeply affected many Asia countries. I can accommodate and become a synonym for a certain kind of food.
In South Korea, they also call Chinese food as a cuisine, and there are many Korean restaurants in China today, and they are favored by many Chinese people. Occasionally The taste of changing is undoubtedly a joy. Korean cuisine is generally more delicate. Various small dishes, small bowls are full of various dishes, most of which are kimchi, and some exquisite seafood dishes are also exquisite seafood dishes In addition, plus a big Korean TV series with a big time, many girls have a soft spot for Korean cuisine. My wife likes Korean cuisine very much. North Korea’s cold noodles and Yanbian cold noodles are similar, because they all belong to a nation and North Korea. Perhaps because of the different regions, there will be some small changes in the practice, but it is almost the same. Noodles.
South Korea’s cold noodles are divided into two methods, one is Pyongyang cold noodles (water -cooled noodles), and the other is Xianxing Cold Noodles (spicy sauce noodles). I made water cold noodles today. The eating diet is because the main ingredients of cold noodles, buckwheat, sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, etc. are harvested in autumn. But now cold noodles have become a diet for summer. Therefore, Korean cold noodles must be added when eating. The reason is that the main ingredients of the cold noodles are cold foods, and the soup is also ice, which is easy to cause stomach cold. Therefore, it is to make the body of the editors restore the warmth. Cold noodles are cool and easy to hurt the stomach, so be sure to eat the egg above. Because egg yolks can form a protective film in the stomach. It plays a role in protecting the appetite.3]

ingredient details


2 pounds

  • ] Corn noodles cold noodles 1 kg
Auxiliary material

    Cucumber shred

  • A moderate amount [ 123] Carrot wire
  • A moderate amount

  • Pear tablets
  • A moderate amount

  • enoki mushroom A moderate amount
  • [ 123] Kimchi Affairs
  • Coriander A moderate amount
  • White Sesame

  • A moderate amount Boil egg
  • A moderate amount

  • White radish
  • A moderate amount

  • ingredients




A moderate amount

  • A moderate amount Ginger
  • A moderate amount

  • garlic
  • A moderate amount

  • salt
  • A moderate amount

  • Soy sauce 2 spoons
  • white sugar 6 spoons
  • Vinegar A moderate amount
  • Sweet and sweet flavor
  • Boil Crafts Half an hour time
  • Simple difficulty

Step of cold noodles in Korea

    [ 123]

  • 1

  • First make cold noodle soup. Cold noodle soup is beef soup. Prepare materials first: 2 pounds of beef, cinnamon, green onion, ginger, garlic, 4 spoons of salt

Wash the beef and simmer the water, pour the pressure and simmer for 20 minutes, then the broth, the beef removes slices or cut into pieces

  • 韩国冷面的做法步骤:1

    Add 2 small spoons of soy sauce and 6 spoons of sugar to the beef broth, add vinegar according to taste. Then put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate. Cold noodle soup is done wellIt’s right.

  • 韩国冷面的做法步骤:2

    Prepare cold noodles: cucumber shredWhite sesame seeds, boiled eggs.The carrots and enoki mushrooms are simmered with hot water.

  • 韩国冷面的做法步骤:3

    Make white radish kimchi, cut the white radish into slices, then marinate with salt for a while, squeeze out of itPut the right amount of sugar and white vinegar in water. According to your own taste, if you like acid, put more vinegar, and put more sugar if you like sweetness.This is the finished product

  • 韩国冷面的做法步骤:4

    Boil the noodles, soak the corn noodles for a while, then rub it with your hands and open it with your handsNoodles, put it in a pot for a minute, remove it in cold water, then rub it with your hands, and put it in a bowl.Then put in various sidewalks in turn.Finally pour the cold noodle soup and finish it.

  • 韩国冷面的做法步骤:5


    The finished product, I also made fried rice cakes. The specific method is not introduced here. In the futureDetailed introduction.


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