How to cook beef stew in carrots


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ingredients details

Main ingredients [123 ]



  • 胡萝卜
  • 一根

[123 ] Accessories

Soy sauce


  • Ginger 3 pieces
  • 2
  • garlic

  • 2
  • Dry pepper

  • 5
  • ]

  • Other flavors
  • Other processes
  • Ten minutes consumption

General difficult

  • 1

    The beef is cut into pieces in size, and the water is boiled and removed.

  • 2

    Hot pot cold oil, ginger slices, octagonal dried pepper and garlic, stir -fry and then put the beef, stir -fry the old wine instantly Essence

  • 3

    The most critical is the Douban Sauce, and then stir -fry and pour the hot water. Cover the beef. Stew a small heat until the chopsticks can be inserted into the beef. Then pour in carrots


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