How to cook beef fried beef in broccoli


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ingredients details

Main ingredients [123 ]


    A moderate amount

  • broccol ] Auxiliary materials
  • cooking wine
  • A moderate amount

Soy sauce

A moderate amount


A moderate amount

  • sesame oil A moderate amount
  • Ginger
  • garlic

  • [123 ]辣椒
  • 适量

  • 花椒
  • 适量

  • 食用油
  • 适量

  • 适量[ 123]

  • MSG A moderate amount
  • Salted fresh flavor

  • fried process
  • ] Ten minutes takes time
  • Ordinary difficulty

The practice of broccoli fried beef

  • 1
  • Wash the blood of beef and cut into thin slices.

  • 2 西兰花炒牛肉的做法步骤:1 Put the beef into the bowl, add cooking wine, soy sauce, starch, sesame oil and marinate for a while.

  • 3 西兰花炒牛肉的做法步骤:2 Wash the broccoli and cut it into a small flower, put it in boiling water and cooked.

  • 4 西兰花炒牛肉的做法步骤:3 Ginger, garlic sliced, cut pepper cut section for later use.

  • 5
    Fire in the wok, pour in edible oil, add pepper, pepper, ginger, garlic and fried fragrant. Pour in beef and stir fry. 西兰花炒牛肉的做法步骤:4

  • 6
    Put in the broccoli with the water stir -fry. 西兰花炒牛肉的做法步骤:5

  • 7

  • AdjustSalt and MSG.