Hershey India extends plant-based drinks portfolio in India

Local arm of American chocolate and confectionery manufacturer Hershey said it has expanded its portfolio of plant-based drink brand Sofit in India with the launch of Sofit Almond drink. The launch is in line with offering more non-dairy drink options to consumers here, the company said in a statement.
“In India, almonds are considered to be a superfood and are consumed to improve cognitive memory. If consumed regularly with a balanced diet and active lifestyle almonds are also known to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and blood pressure. They can also be enjoyed as healthy snacking options to boost immunity," the company said.
Plant-based foods and beverages are drawing consumer interest in various parts of the world as consumers switch to plant-based alternatives within meat and dairy products. The move is in line with consumers seeking to switch from animal-based products. The move has spurred global companies including Danone and Nestle to launch more plant-based dairy alternatives.
“People are increasingly becoming health conscious with the food that they consume every day. We witnessed that with our Soy drink being favoured by consumers, and this encouraged us to leverage our popular plant-based drink segment further," said Herjit Bhalla, VP, India and AEMEA at the Hershey Company.
The company already sells Sofit soya milk in India.
“The Sofit almond drink will prove to be a great value addition to our existing Sofit plant-based drink offerings. It is the perfect combination of nutrition and taste for the consumers," said Bhalla.
Source: Livemint


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