Health Horizons expands its product portfolio; Strengthens presence in FMCG category

Health Horizons, India’s leading Hemp product manufacturing company has expanded its FMCG product portfolio with the launch of 2 new products. The brand has launched Hemp Power Bar & Hemp Sativa Chocolate Powder which are completely new products in the Cannabis space in India making Health Horizons the first brand to introduce these products. With the launch of the new products, the brand is all set to strengthen its presence in the B2C FMCG category.
Hemp Power Bar is the first Hemp-based protein bar introduced to the Indian market. It is meant to provide the right nutrition and protein to the body and heightens energy levels. The bar is rich in essential protein, fats, and carbohydrates and is a stomach filler. It consists of hemp, cashews, raw cocoa powder, and almonds. Hemp Sativa Chocolate powder is another premium product that is meant to fulfill all body nutrition and helps in digestion as well. It contains all the essential Amino acids which make it a perfect fit for children, athletes & vegans. The essential fatty acids(Omega-3, Omega -6 & Omega 9) in the powder help in making the digestion process easy with a mild taste and creamy texture. The products are suitable for consumption by anyone and will ensure good health.
Commenting on the new product launch Rohit Shah, Co-Founder & CEO at Health Horizons, says, “With the launch of these new products, we aim to gradually strengthen our FMCG product category. These products are not only for consumption but have several health benefits. Being the first company to introduce hemp-based Power Bar and Hemp Sativa Chocolate Powder, we are focused to bring awareness and educate people on how to plant cannabis can be used for nutrition, wellness, and medicinal purposes as well.”
Health Horizons caters to a variety of products across different categories like Health, Wellness, Lifestyle, Beauty, and FMCG. Some of the products are Sativa Hemp Nubs (Hemp Hearts), Hemp Sativa Oil, Hemp & Aloe Vera Body Butter, and others. The company has launched over 12 products since its inception in 2017 and further plans to launch 10 more products in the next 2-3 months and up to a total of 60 products by 2022. Some of the products to be added to the product category soon are cannabis leaf extracts with complementing herbs for stress and anxiety management, muscle and nerve recovery, insomnia relief, etc. Health Horizons is a GMP-certified, USFDA registered hemp processing company with all products licensed as ayurvedic products.


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