From New York to New Delhi: Chickeera’s made-to-order American Biryani ashets are sure to leave dine

All the way from the streets of New York, Chickeera, a fast-casual restaurant chain founded in 2020 by Prime Eateries Pvt. Ltd has left an indelible imprint in the taste buds of all its customers. The Chickeera fever has definitely swept over Delhi with the new Halal-cart cuisine, taking its customers on a memorable palatable journey.
True to its Halal-cart roots, the brand’s cuisine is a healthy fusion of Middle Eastern and American influences. With food so great, Chickeera’s love for its customers and the customers’ love for its food has spread all over Delhi. A perfect match for your taste buds, Chickeera is your friend and partner in crime for every meal and every occasion.
A wholesome meal, perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Chickeera ensures all customer cravings and hunger pangs are met. The brand has thereby made delectable additions to its menu including its American Biryani ashet, oozing with the juicy Chicken or the mouth melting lamb, combined perfectly with their signature White sauce and Gunpowder Sauce.
Now made to your order, the patrons can customize their ashets with additional toppings including Pita Bread, Caramelized Onions, Shot Of Frites, Olives, Jalapeños, Sauté Onions, Gherkins, Green Pepper and much more. Unwrap the ashet and pour our flavourful signature white and gunpowder sauce all over your bowl. As the menu keeps rapidly expanding, you will soon be left flabbergasted, unable to decide what to order and what not to!
Adorning a playful and innovative aesthetic, reflecting within its being- be the packaging, website, app, social media, or promotional ideas, Chickeera believes in having fun responsibly.
Take your tastebuds on a heavenly indulgence and a palatable journey with Chickeera!


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