Esperer sets up cancer nutrition R&D centre in Hyd

Research-based clinical nutrition organistation Esperer Nutrition (EON) on Wednesday announced the opening of India’s first cancer nutrition research centre in Hyderabad.
The centre will provide aid in offering quality field and lab study in a bid to provide first-rate results to cancer patients.
Pointing out that India’s cancer mortality rate at 68% is much higher than 37% in western countries, Esperer Nutrition founder & CEO Raktim Chattopadhyay said that the diversity of lifestyle and food culture plays a significant role in cancer mortality and etiology.
“Based on the cancer registry data, it is estimated that there will be about 8 lakh new cancer cases in India every year, which in itself is a big number. With Esperer Cancer Nutrition Research Centre, we aim to initiate rigorous field and lab study to address the growing challenges when it comes to oncology nutrition and takes responsibility to integrate various socio-economic concerns thus to improve quality of life for cancer patient and various cancer-preventive physiological conditions (NCDs),” he explained.


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