EID Parry launches ”SweetCare Low GI Sugar”

Sugar manufacturer EID Parry on Tuesday said it has come out with a new SweetCare Low GI Sugar, contributing to a lower blood sugar levels as compared to white sugar, under the company”s move to strengthen product portfolio in the health and wellness segment.
"SweetCare has been clinically tested and it does not compromise on the taste of sugar.SweetCare Low GI Sugar does not allow your blood sugar levels to rise high as compared to regular white sugar," company managing director Suresh S claimed in a statement.
The product is fortified with herbal extracts of fenugreek, turmeric, ginger, amla, pomegranate, black pepper and cinnamon.
A 500g packet is priced at Rs 60 and initially the product would be sold in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and would be expanded to other retail markets and also in e-commerce platforms.