DSM Seeks to Transform Animal Nutrition Industry with New ‘Tangible’ Sustainability Initiative

As of today, DSM Animal Nutrition and Health will carry out what the company describes as a ‘significant acceleration’ under the form of a new strategic initiative called “We Make it Possible”. This initiative is understood to be a ‘tangible translation’ of DSM Animal Nutrition & Health’s overall strategy based on sustainability as a business driver.
The initiative will also influence how DSM plans to drive its animal nutrition business forward particularly in relation to product and solution innovation in all markets and across all species in which the company operates.
“This means that a majority of our future investments will fit into the initiative,” stated DSM’s Animal Nutrition and Health President Ivo Lansbergen.
The initiative comes after years of investment and innovation by DSM in scientific and sustainable solutions. It is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2 (Zero hunger), 3 (Good health and wellbeing), 12 (Responsible consumption and production), 13 (Climate Action) and 14 (Life below water).
According to Lansbergen, DSM will continue working with many industry partners under the scope of the new initiative.
“The purpose of our strategic initiative is to provide actionable and tangible solutions to solving the issue of sustainability in our industry as whole – we wish to encourage our industry to join us on this charge as we cannot do it alone,” he commented.
“We know that the agriculture industry can transform itself from within,” he went on to say. “For too long, sustainability has been someone else’s problem, a problem for tomorrow. But it is not an impossible challenge.”
DSM is now calling on the industry to share its new vision for the future, prompting concerned parties to be change agents, rather than just being part of the food supply chain.
“Companies can no longer delay this [sustainability] aspect. They must step up and embrace sustainability in all aspects,” urged Christie Chavis, Vice President at DSM Animal Nutrition and Health. “It is vital to the success of business, just as it is vital to everything else.”
In the meantime, the firm plans to build awareness across key focus areas such as improving the lifetime performance of farm animals, improving the quality of food while reducing food loss and waste, reducing emissions from livestock, making efficient use of natural resources and reducing the reliance on marine resources, or helping tackle antimicrobial resistance.
DSM has also set itself targets. By 2030, the firm aims to reduce its own GHG emissions by 30%. DSM will also seek for 75% of its power to be renewably sourced, and it is looking to increase its energy efficiency by 1% a year to that date.
“Each sustainability focus area has specific success metrics both in attitudinal and product deliverables. The initiative starts now and will be our guiding principle for the years to come,” added Lansbergen. “We believe in creating solutions that address societal needs and allow the industry to produce more high quality animal protein in, a more sustainable way.”


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