Cumin beef jerky practice


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\”A few days ago, colleagues and friends sent him some beef Gan, after trying in the office, I started to steal beef. I originally thought about buying something directly on the Internet to solve the solution. Later, I thought about it. On the one hand, I was not assured of safety issues. On the other hand, I was a bit hard. No, it is better to do it by yourself, so I run the vegetable market to buy beef on the weekend. After returning home, I start to toss. After finishing the children, the children boast and delicious \”

The details of the ingredients

[ 123] Main ingredients



  • Cumin ]
  • Auxiliary materials

Soy sauce


Sera Oil


[ 123]

White Sugar


  • salt
  • 8g

  • Cooking wine 10g
  • Baijiu ] 10g
  • Da material 1
  • Tsky

  • Ginger
  • A little

  • Cooked white sesame
  • A little

] Cuminis flavor


    A few hours of time

  • Ordinary difficulty

  • The practice of cumin beef jerky [ 123]

    After washing the bee 123]

  • 在家轻松做健康小零食:孜然牛肉干的做法步骤:1


    Put all the seasonings except cumin powder and cooked white sesame seeds and mix well Put the beef diced in, stir with chopsticks and marinate for about 2 hours, and flip it with chopsticks in the middle

  • 在家轻松做健康小零食:孜然牛肉干的做法步骤:2
    Put the marinated beef and seasonings into the bread barrel, connect the power of the bread machine, select the \”Baking and Stew\” function, the time is set to 45 minutes, the startup noodlesCharter, turn over a few times with chopsticks

  • 在家轻松做健康小零食:孜然牛肉干的做法步骤:3


    After waiting for the van machine to end the work, take out the bread barrel, remove the beef beefThe excess soup, re -load the bread machine barrel into the bread machine, select the \”automatic stir -fry\” function again, the time is set to 30 minutes, start the bread machine, and when the end of the end is about 5-10 minutes, joinStir -fry cumin powder and cooked white sesame seeds, wait for the bread machine to stop working

  • 在家轻松做健康小零食:孜然牛肉干的做法步骤:4 5

    Do a good jobBeef Jerry

  • Tips

  • 1. When cutting beef, you must counter the texture 在家轻松做健康小零食:孜然牛肉干的做法步骤:5 2. Pickled the beef in advance, the meat tastes it moreTaste

    3. The time of stewing and speculation can be flexibly adjusted according to your own taste, like softness and hardness, just longer time