Cornitos launches wheat flour tortilla wraps

Cornitos, the flagship brand of Greendot Health Foods Pvt ltd has launched Wheat Flour Tortilla Wraps for consumers looking to make flavorful Mexican snacks with ease. The Cornitos Wheat flour Tortilla Wraps are imported from Europe, and are soft, ultra thin, easy to roll and cut.
According to Cornitos, Tortilla Wraps are a good source of Carbohydrates and Energy. 1 pc gives around 120 kcal energy and has 17g carbohydrates and just 2.5g fat content.
One Tortilla Wraps pack consists of 6 Tortillas weighing 270g in 8 inch size and has a shelf life of 12 months. Through Tortilla Wraps, consumers can make interesting Mexican recipes like enchiladas, tostadas and quesadilla or use tortillas as a pizza base or even make tortillas into nachos as per individual liking and mood. Cornitos Tortilla recipes are available on Cornitos website and can be accessed by consumers on scanning QR code printed on the pack.
Cornitos Wheat Flour tortilla wrap packs come in zip lock pack which retains freshness intact; no refrigeration is required and they can be stored in Ambient Room temperature before opening. After opening the pack, tortilla wraps must be kept in the refrigerator and used within 7 days. The price for a 270g pack is Rs 190.


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