Bonn Group adds new flavour to cookies range

Bonn Group of Industries has just launched Choco nutty cookies that are rich in cocoa, nuts and choco chips.
These rich chocolate cookies which create a blend of chocolate-nutty flavour, are the most popular flavor among kids and youngsters. India is considered a potentially huge FMCG market because nearly 50% of its population is under the age of 25 years. Gifting and celebratory occasions are a popular trend among consumption favoring online-glued millennial generations. and Premium biscuits are the ideal gift in this age group.
“The addition of the chocco nutty cookies to our product portfolio is one more step in the direction of staying in tune with the evolving taste needs of a modern-day consumer. It will also help us gain increased penetration in the high biscuit consuming states of Punjab, Haryana & Delhi NCR. Biscuits are the second of our core business products which we intend to incrementally expand with greater value-for-money and innovative output. This will facilitate Bonn’s strategic expansion while assuring the brand remains sustainable in the long run”, said Amrinder Singh, Director, Bonn Group of Industries.
These premium cookies with rich chocolate flavor are added with chocochips & nuts for the chocolate lovers who want to try something new & delightful. Choco nutty cookies are rich in butter (also). Unlike bread and other bakery products, biscuits in India, are popular both in urban and rural demographics with proportions of those consuming them going up to 94% and 83% respectively. The changing lifestyle and increased consumption of packaged food during COVID-19 pandemic are the main drivers of the industry. 


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