Black Pepper Beef Fried Noodles

Recipe of black pepper beef fried noodles

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“This staple food looks very bright and attractive~~”

Details of ingredients

Main ingredients
  • Cooked Beef

    Appropriate amount

  • noodles

    Appropriate amount

  • rape

    Appropriate amount

  • onion

    Appropriate amount

  • tomatoes

    Appropriate amount

  • Dried chilli

    Appropriate amount

  • egg

    Appropriate amount

  • Ginger

    Appropriate amount

  • Black Pepper

    Appropriate amount

  • Dark Soy

    Appropriate amount

  • Salt

    Appropriate amount

  • slightly spicy


  • saute


  • twenty minutes

    time consuming

  • Simple


Recipe steps of black pepper beef fried noodles

  • 1

    1. Cook the noodles, rapeseed and tomatoes and set aside

  • 2

    2. At this time, pour oil and fry the eggs, and put them on a plate after frying

  • 3

    3. Pour the remaining oil into the onion, ginger and dried chili pot. After the aroma comes out, pour the cooked noodles into frying, then Add the chopped cooked beef and stir fry together

  • 4

    4. Add dark soy sauce, salt, beef powder, sprinkle black pepper when it is about to come out of the pan, and serve immediately


During the cooking process, don’t pour too much old soy sauce, that’s for coloring, and black pepper should also be sprinkled on the side dishes after putting it on the plate.


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