Beef pine_ homemade beef pine

\”My son loves to eat beef, and proposes to make some beef pine bread. I responded positively and immediately bought beef to make meat pine. Three pounds of beef made of meat pine in less than 100 pounds of beef, and raw beef spent more than 100 and spent more than 100 raw beef. Block, high cost, supermarkets sell dozens of dollars a pound of beef pine. If it is also said to be pure meat, do you believe it? Anyway, I do n’t believe it. Or is it expensive and realistic. My baby son said that he was eaten with bread, but he made him squeeze and eat. When I was okay, I could eat it, only to eat meat pine, haha, I was busy these two days, my post has not taken care of, and the meat pine is all loose. Give the light to destroy it. If your family also has such a child with such beef controls, just do it for him, rest assured and healthy snacks, the child eats strong and strong. \”

The detailed details of the ingredients ingredients

Main ingredients


  • 1500g

Auxiliary materials

Boil meat

    A moderate amount


Extra Soy Sauce


  • Sugar Affairs
  • salt Affairs
  • [ 123]
  • Salted and sweet flavor

Stir -fried process

A few hours of time

  • Ordinary difficulty
  • [ 123] Step of the method of homemade beef pine


Buy three pounds of raw beef

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    When soaking the beef water for half a little, soak the bleeding water.中间要换几次水

  • 自制牛肉松的做法步骤:2


    备好煮肉料:花椒、八角、桂皮、香叶、小Anise, clove, ginger slices, dried peppers

  • 自制牛肉松的做法步骤:3

    Put the meat and beef in the pot, low heat Cook an hour. (It can also be pressed with a pressure cooker for 15 minutes)

  • 自制牛肉松的做法步骤:4

    The cooking beef was removed and cold


    [ 123]

  • 自制牛肉松的做法步骤:5

    Tip into a hand, pick the fascia partcome out.This project is huge, I tear for a few hours for 3 pounds of beef.

  • 自制牛肉松的做法步骤:6

    The torn pork shreds are put in a fresh -keeping bag, rolled repeatedly with a rolling pin, and then ripped properly

  • 自制牛肉松的做法步骤:7

    Put an appropriate amount of oil in the pot, stir -fry beef shredded

  • 自制牛肉松的做法步骤:8


    When frying to dry, add salt, sugar and special soy sauce

  • 自制牛肉松的做法步骤:9 10

    Continue to stir -fry the flavor, basically fry the meat

  • 11
    Very good, after frying it, it feels thick and hard, I put it in the meat cup of the cooking machine, stir it with the meat stall, so that the shredded pork is stirred more fluffy 自制牛肉松的做法步骤:10




  • 自制牛肉松的做法步骤:11 12

    Fry it again.The meat that made myself is full of the scent of beef at the entrance.Unlike the kind of buying, you can’t eat the taste of beef.