Badshah Masala announces the winners for Bemisaal Badshah, a cooking competition, with prize money o

Badshah Masala, the homegrown spice brand has announced their winners from the Bemisaal Badshah cooking competition. The competition was held in Ahmedabad city. The brand wanted to showcase its legacy through the involvement of 2 generations. Their aim was to reiterate the trust that Badshah Masala’s legacy has built over the years and capture the younger demographics while doing it. With this, they wanted to give opportunities to the home chefs who are excelling at what they do. The objective behind the competition was to generate awareness about the newly launched product, Paneer Butter Masala, and provide the opportunity to the small home-run cooking businesses.
The whole event was organized and managed by Badshah Masala exclusively. There were around 250+ registrations from Ahmedabad city. The event was judged by Chef Aanal Kotak and Chef Surbhi Vasa. The participants had to send their ultimate version of Paneer Butter Masala. The registration process was between 29th July 2021- 10th August 2021. The judges then selected the top 10 finalists and the Finale was held on 29th of August 2021 among the top 10 finalists. 
For the first round, the brand utilised social media and ran digital advertisements and with that, the judges for the 1st round were posting about the contest with the registration links on their profiles. For the Finale, winners of the first round were contacted through mails with the announcement of their name on Badshah Masala’s social media account.
The first round of the competition required submission of 100g of the best Paneer Butter Masala the teams could whip up. Professional chefs tasted the submissions from among the multitude of entries and selected the best 10 to move ahead to the final round. The entries were judged on the basis of taste, consistency/texture of gravy,  overall quality of the dish, aroma, colour, and presentation. The final round had the finalists prepare an entire meal of their choice from the wide variety of Indian cuisine.
The winners Dharit Unadkat & Avani Doshi won ?50,000 cash and the 2nd and 3rd prize winners Anjali Shah & Pratima Sanghavi and Shweta Singh & Aditi Rahgav won ?25000 and ?10,000 respectively. 
Commenting on the success of the competition, Hemant Jhaveri, Managing Director at Badshah Masala, said, “We at Badshah Masala believe good ingredients are what makes great chefs, and great chefs are what makes cuisines great. Our Indian cuisine is already great, and the flavours and spices known to the Indian palate are rapidly spreading throughout the world. We need as much talent as possible in the culinary arts to take our traditions to the next level. Badshah Masala is proud to be part of the grand legacy of Indian spices and Indian cuisine. Badshah joined this journey in 1958 but it has steadily built a legacy of its own as “Swad Sugandh Ka Raja”. I wish the cooks great success and want them to know that Badshah Masala is always ready to support great talent like theirs, on whose shoulders rests the responsibility of carrying forward our proud traditions and the heritage of the Indian ‘taste’.”
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