Ayur Vridhi: India’s first brand to launch oil filled Ayurvedic transparent capsules

~This sustainable brand curates restorative  Ayurvedic supplements inspired by the Vedic mantra of purity of ‘see what you eat’~
 Born after years of comprehensive analysis, a study of Ayurveda and a fathomless understanding of Indian mythology, AyurVridhi is India’s initiatory organic brand to process oil-filled Ayurvedic capsules. AyurVridhi capsules are sumptuous in vitamins and oxidants that will help you grow physically and spiritually. Traditionally made with authentic ingredients and fused with modern techniques, transparency and clarity are what the brand aims to endow.
AyurVridhi offers top-notch supplements that will bestow you with a youthful body, buoyant skin and a purified soul. Curated using exclusively selected regional ingredients from Indian land, be assured to discover elixirs of life and be one with nature. AyurVridhi believes in unveiling inner beauty that scintillates on the outside. 
Since AyurVridhi affirms that respecting nature is integral, all ingredients are distinctively picked from fabled Indian regions which in turn empowers local communities. If you believe in uplifting Indian rural labour, then nothing better than choosing AyurVridhi. Time being essential, AyurVridhi never uses chemicals to fasten ingredient production processes. Authentic ingredients from remote belts are procured at an ethical time and preserved from the use of detrimental technology. 
Using only 100% glass bottles with metal caps, the packaging is absolutely recyclable. AyurVridhi wishes to take care of future dynasties by keeping the environment uncontaminated. Zero plastic is used by the brand, making it risk-free for you to use. 
Oil-filled capsules by AyurVridhi are not like any other. These capsules release immediately and  dissolve easily after swallowing, unlike tablets or powder filled capsules that take a minimum of two to three hours to dissolve.The capsule features a revolutionary technology that utilises a series of cutting edge advancements in capsule filling sealing and final inspection to deliver the highest protection and fast release. AyurVridhi notably formulates its efficacious capsules to make it downright risk-free for you.
Commenting on the launch of Ayurvridhi, founder Jaivardhan Agarwal commented,” AyurVridhi was created with a vision to ‘ uplift human lives through ayurvedic science’ and take Ayurveda to the world with revolutionary technology and rich culture of India and the Hindu mythology. We respect time and nature and bring the best of India in wellness dipped in a capsule of clarity and enveloped in purity. We believe in the power of Ayurveda to heal human body not just externally but internally.”
Experience the pure elixirs of life and be radiate your soul with AyurVridhi oil capsules available on their website:


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