ADM expands protein portfolio with textured wheat and pea proteins

ADM has announced the launch of Arcon T textured pea proteins, Prolite MeatTEX textured wheat protein and Prolite MeatXT non-textured wheat protein. ADM says these highly-functional protein solutions improve the texture and density of meat alternatives, and are particularly useful for achieving consumer-preferred, meat-like texture.
“The key to winning over consumers with plant proteins is fine-tuning the product for optimal sensory appeal. It is essential to get aspects like taste and texture just right,” said Jacquelyn Schuh, product marketing director for alternative proteins. “ADM is the only company offering a full portfolio of textured soy, wheat and pea proteins which unlocks a virtually limitless range of possibilities for creating exciting new products in the plant protein space.”
ADM’s OutsideVoice Protein Segmentation Study found that the top factor motivating consumers in the plant-based category is health and nutrition, while unsatisfactory taste and texture are the top frustrations with the category. ADM’s textured pea and wheat proteins make it easier to overcome this barrier by creating better tasting products with improved texture and colour.
Wheat Proteins
Prolite MeatTEX textured wheat protein and its non-textured counterpart, Prolite MeatXT wheat protein, contribute meat-like texture to meat and seafood alternative products. With clean taste and a blank-slate color base, these highly-functional proteins reportedly offer water absorption and hydration speeds that enhance processing efficiency and reliability.
Pea Proteins
Arcon T textured pea proteins deliver improved hydration properties and can offer a higher PDCAAS score than other pea proteins on the market. With minimised off notes and a light colour, ADM says these proteins are ideal for meat alternatives. These products do not require allergen statements, so they are perfectly suited for allergen-free products.
ADM offers two forms of Arcon T textured pea protein: one which is a blend of pea protein and chickpeas; and another which blends pea protein with navy beans. Acron T textured pea protein joins the portfolio alongside ADM’s ProFam pea protein powder which launched in 2019.
Since inventing textured vegetable protein in 1965, ADM has remained at the forefront of innovation in the plant protein market. Today, we offer a full range of ingredients, unmatched market insight and leading formulation know-how to give our customers an edge. Learn more about ADM’s nutrition solutions by visiting


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